See Your Online Shopper As They See Themselves

Fashion recommendations built on emotion


Lily Deep Tagging:
Because every product is different


Create the deepest set of tags for your products

Our award-winning image recognition technology automatically identifies and tags every single item of clothing with dozens of attributes.

Elevate Personalized Customer Experiences

We enable you to present highly relevant selections and personal looks. We also help you explain why a look is the right one for each shopper.

Customer Experiences that Build Loyalty

Shoppers can use semantic search, filters and facets to quickly find the right item by fit, occasion, style, body type. Recommendations get better as shoppers return to your site, leading to ever better experiences.

Lily Deep Profile:
Because every body is unique

Brunch-ready with the girls

Brunch-ready with the girls


Connect to Segments Of One

Consumer segments and third party data tell you who the person is, but not their sense of style or why they buy. Understanding each customer’s psychographic profile will give you the insight you need.

Turn Personalization into Individualization

Product features, fabrics and shapes appeal to each shopper differently at different times. Give them the better recommendations you can surface in real time according to their current style needs,

Increase Conversions, Decrease Returns, Drive Loyalty

Lily AI’s product recommendations deliver a 30% lift in prediction accuracy. This has a direct positive impact through higher on-site conversion and lower return rates.

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