Build Better Brand Loyalty With More Meaningful Consumer Profiles

by Dawn Allcot
January 4, 2021
consumer profile brand loyalty

Creating consumer profiles and segments of customers is par for the course in the world of e-commerce. This information is crucial for delivering product recommendations and creating personalized digital experiences designed to increase conversions. But what if these consumer profiles are thin or inaccurate?

How detailed and accurate are your consumer profiles, really? Are you merely recommending products based on similar customer actions? Or are you creating brand evangelists using deep data to create detailed consumer profiles that allow for true personalization?

Why Personalization Is So Important

First,let’s consider some statistics. Epsilon research found that 80%of consumers say they’re more likely to engage with a brand that offers a personalized experience. On the flip side, another report found that 47% of consumers head to Amazon when a brand’s site doesn’t give them relevant recommendations.

If your merchandising team is still creating manual tags for your online offerings, your product catalog’s data could be inconsistent, and it’s likely only leveraging a few tags per product. The result is more customers who may not be finding what they’re shopping for and bouncing to Amazon. Lily AI can automatically assign 20 or more attributes per product, with more than 15,000 tags in our algorithm. That alone can result in a 5%to 10% lift in overall revenue by helping consumers find what they’re looking for and stay engaged with your website.

Use Deeper Data for a More Accurate Consumer Profile

Deep data is two-fold; there’s deep product data and deep customer behavioral data. Deep product data are the attributes that describe the finer details of the apparel you sell. When your catalog is enriched with this deep data, Lily AI’s algorithm can better discern what qualities a customer likes or dislikes.

Then,we create detailed psychographic consumer profiles for each shopper.By analyzing each customer’s historical and real-time behavior and making connections based on how someone engages with your enriched catalog, our algorithm begins to learn more about individual customers. It creates unique profiles for each one of them. It won’t just tell you about their past purchases; it will provide you with detailed preferences based on their body type and personality. You’ll learn why someone buys what they do.

For instance, our algorithm may infer that a customer wants their torso to appear elongated if they consistently engage with shirts that have vertical stripes. If they always avoid tank tops, they may not like showing their shoulders. With more attributes available for every SKU in your catalog, our powerful AI engine can analyze more details to draw connections across products.

You can incorporate our psychographic consumer profile into your strategic marketing plan throughout the customer’s journey to truly personalize their experience. The more they shop, the more we learn,and the more personalized their recommended products and their overall experience becomes.

Use Deep Data to Create a More Emotional Connection

Creating a better consumer profile is all about getting to know your shopper son a deeper level. Consumers feel recognized and appreciated — even loved — when you show them the styles and merchandise they want,maybe even before they consciously realize it themselves.

Imagine your surprise and delight if you were in a brick-and-mortar store and the salesperson came out of the back with the exact pair of shoes to match the dress you had in your hands. Deep data helps you recreate that in-store experience — and those feelings of delight and satisfaction — online. When your shoppers feel good about their purchase, they will be more likely to tell their friends and share about their experience online.

Into day’s era of social shopping and influencer marketing, that connection is critical. Yet, if your data is inaccurate or incomplete, recommendations won’t be as relevant. Customers may leave your site or delete that email, feeling like you don’t quite get them.

Let Lily AI Help You Dive Deeper with Every Consumer Profile

Hyper-personalization starts with building better consumer profiles, and Lily AI’s technology allows brands to make deeper connections in a scalable way. We help top fashion brands build brand loyalty by creating hyper-personalized experiences, and it’s only possible when empowered with more meaningful and detailed consumer psychographic profiles.

Contact us today to see how our powerful technology can get you closer to your customers.